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Something about the City of Kharkov:-

There were many famous architects living and working in Kharkov. The city stands on three rivers: Kharkov, Udi and Lopan. Kharkov has several districts, but the most interesting are the ones that are in the old Kharkov centre. There are several churches and one cathedral in Kharkov.

Kharkov is a green city, with several parks, among them the famous Gorkiy Park. Kharkov is a University centre of not only Ukraine but all the former Soviet Union; it has 27 Universities, several Academies, colleges etc. The Kharkov State University is famous all around Europe and the USA, there are many foreign students studying in Kharkov's schools. Although Kharkov is such an old city, it has many things to do for modern people: discos, night clubs, movie theatres, bowling alley, tennis courts, circus, casinos, billiard, Pin-pong clubs etc.

If you like opera and ballet, you will be pleasantly surprised by talent and professionalism of the Kharkov Opera House.  In Kharkov you can find many high class supermarkets and restaurants. Kharkov has several Italian restaurants, Chinese, Vietnamese, classical European restaurants, Georgian and of course national Ukrainian and Russian restaurants. Kharkov is rich in museums: Kharkov Museum of Nature, National Museum of Art, Kharkov Historical Museum. You can find several art exhibitions and galleries. 

Kharkov also has a first rate Metro System.  The weather in Kharkov is of extremes being very warm and sunny in the summer and very cold, but still mainly sunny, in the winter.  The Ukrainian people are very friendly once they get to know you and are very hospitable. 

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